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( Highlighting just a few pieces from the museum's collections )


Horsehair coat loaned by Joan Hotchkiss Bartling. 110 years old. Belonged to her Great Aunt Mabel Baily Hays from Log Hill.

chicken doll.JPG

Esther Lewis' Chicken Doll. Given to Esther Lewis at age 4 by a soldier from Ouray County who came back from France during World War I. The chicken doll is made of mohair. Donated by Lanah Hutt in 2017.


National Cash Register. Donated by Pharmacist Cass Stanislawski, who operated the Apteka Pharmacy on Sherman Street in Ridgway and later in Downtown Ouray. "Apteka" means drug store in Polish.


Horse Barn. Donated in 2019 from property in the town of Ridgway, which was originally owned by one of the town's founders, Charles McClellan in 1891. The horse barn was relocated to the OCRHM acreage east of the Ridgway Library (right photo).


Bruce Phillips’ saddle donated by Kay and Cliff Ary. Bruce raised Herefords and was a Horsefly and Log Hill landowner (1915-1994).


Belt Buckle - 1973 - Crazy House Store, Montrose, CO. This belt buckle was purchased for 35 cents in 1973 by Tim Force at the Crazy House Store north of Montrose (the Coors Beer Distributor moved into that location in 2017). The buckle was worn for forty-four years.


Enoch Shepherd Family Cabin. Originally built in 1888 north of Olathe, CO, this was Enoch Shephard's first log cabin before later moving his family farther south and building in the Dry Creek area. Enoch and his brother, William, were expert blacksmiths. William opened a blacksmith shop near the river on Sherman Street in 1905 and became Ridgway's mayor in 1906.

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